Letters for August 1, 2019


All right, Mr. and Mrs. America, have you had just about enough? Enough with the orange-faced abomination in the Oval Office running amuck?! Enough with the whackjob in the bully pulpit not being called out by his cabinet, his staff, the House, the Senate?! Enough with his mind-numbing bigotry, misogyny, xenophobia, divisiveness, fearmongering, hate-speak, utter disregard for the rule of law, sophomoric 3 a.m. tweeting, perpetual lying and his stunning overall ineptness?! Folks, has the rapid-fire frequency of the aforementioned dulled your sensibilities to exactly what is going on these days? Let’s hope not!

Our president, while steadfastly pandering to his ever faithful neo-Nazi base, is incorrectly surmising that he has snookered the rest of us as well, and our do-nothing silence is somehow allowing him to presume that we are approving of his vile, reckless behavior. Well, Donald, you couldn’t be more wrong! You haven’t done squat since you’ve been in office other than spread fear and anger across the land! Our booming economy has zilch to do with anything you’ve done! It’s been humming along nicely for nearly a decade now! Fortuitous timing for you, though, huh? History will show that your biggest contributions were enhanced racism, mega-lying, getting cozy with dictators while alienating longtime allies, tweaking the tax code to make yourself and the other one-percenters even richer, and a gigantic southern border wall that was never built. Good job, prez!

Ladies and gentlemen, there’s a guy in the private quarters of the White House tonight scarfing down his fourth Big Mac, and watching Fox News, whose single motivation is to drive us apart, and to some weird extent he’s succeeding! We, though, as the proud men and women of the greatest nation in the world must not allow this to happen! Our combined ethnicities is the sole reason why the United States is the wonderfully diverse success story that it is, and aside from the different hues of our skin, we are all exactly the same, all children of immigrants, and all with a pounding heart that yearns for love, acceptance and freedom! God bless the U.S.A.!

Mark Murray



After reading the Wikipedia page on Guatemala and watching several historical clips on YouTube, and then seeing how the 6 o’clock news covered the pitiful conditions in migrant detention centers without mentioning even once the horrible things going on down there, it becomes clear that almost all news you see on TV is just tabloid sensationalism.

In fact, the media bought in to the government’s story about fighting communism in Guatemala and broadcast it as such, enabling a U.S. sponsored-coup d’etat that was really about John Foster Dulles’ brother, Allen, who was on the board of United Fruit Company, which owned most of the arable land in Guatemala. Bananas. Not Communism.

This is not journalism. It’s not even the reporting of news. It’s tabloidism at the least, and complicit propaganda at worst.

Jon Obester



Re “Waters and Warren” (letters, July 25):

However she got there, Elizabeth Warren wanted the standing and identification with one of the most oppressed and disenfranchised minorities in our country, the Native American Indian, although such identification was undeserved and unmerited.

Trump has seen to it that she will forever carry that misguided attempt. “Pocahontas” will always be a reminder of that misrepresentation.

Should Ms. Warren unexpectedly get the Democratic nomination, the ill-mannered and conscience-unencumbered Trump will see to it that the canard follows her long into the campaign. The lesson—just be yourself and who you are.

Thom Waters



Re “The school district’s top 5 worst goofs, gaffes and lies” (cover story, July 25):

We reported that both David Lasic and Byron Green reported to previous Deputy Superintendent Kristen McNeill. Only Green was supervised by McNeil.