Letters for April 28, 2016

Grimm tale

Hey Bob, Thanks for another fine review! We saw Jungle Book in 3-D, and I’d recommend that version. My only concern about the film (is that still an appropriate term for a digital movie?) is that a number of jump scares and scenes of violence may be a bit too intense for sensitive viewers. And I don’t mean just because of age. At 72, I came off my seat more than once and would have to give serious consideration to taking young viewers (under 72 :).

In fact, there was somewhat of a disconnect in the movie between a jolly rendition of “Bear Necessities” and Shere Khan, the “pissed off tiger”, doing evil stuff. (Khaaaan! OK, I couldn’t resist :).

Steve Waclo

Carson City

Thanks a bunch, Al

At www.ki4u.com/goodnews.htm there is information about how to survive a nuclear attack (e.g. by a rogue nation), and how the government might minimize casualties.

Alex Sokolow

Santa Monica

Vape this

Re: “Planet of the vapes” (cover story, April 14):

With all of the positive social and cultural developments currently taking place in the Truckee Meadows, comes an RN&R puff piece, forgive the pun, glamorizing our region’s “vaping subculture.”

The article’s characterization of the science on e-cigarettes is correct—it is basically in its infancy and anything but settled. However, most public health professionals agree that it is premature to call e-cigarettes a safe alternative to traditional cigarettes, and it is irresponsible of industry and vape shops to market them as cessation aids.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, this much we do know: (1) nicotine poses dangers to pregnant women and fetuses, children and adolescents; (2) youth use of nicotine in any form, including e-cigarette is unsafe and detrimental to adolescent brain development; (3) in order for adult smokers to benefit from e-cigarettes, they must completely quit combusted tobacco use; and (4) e-cigarette aerosol is not harmless “water vapor” and is not as safe as clean air. Finally, despite the steady “de-normalization” of tobacco use over the past quarter century, the public health community is alarmed by the rapid rise of e-cigarettes use by youths over the last couple of years. Currently, half of Nevada high schoolers have used electronic vapor products and a quarter have used e-cigs in the past thirty days.

The RN&R does a commendable job of keeping its finger on the pulse of our increasingly vibrant culture in the Truckee Meadows. Why, however, we would celebrate “vaping subculture” and its potential for creating a new generation of nicotine addicts is anyone’s guess.

John Packham

Nevada Tobacco Prevention Coalition


River walk condition

The beautiful river “bike path” running through Reno to Sparks, is no longer that. It is an immense, dangerous, trashy eyesore! For 16 years, I have been riding on it and today I saw trash upwards of 3-4 ft high for miles, about 80-100 “squatters/indigents” living all over the bike path for about two miles, blocking the paved path with their tents, trash, animals and themselves. I have never seen anything like this on that path before!

It’s a disgrace to Reno—over 25-30 tents/rigged up abodes. I was quite thankful that I was not by myself, as it is no longer a safe area to ride. What about the rights of us residents who want to enjoy the Truckee River, Reno and the bikepath? And when are our police going to do something about this?

K. Hawkrigg


Sanders and Clinton

The Democrats have a real problem with their presidential candidates. One is a flaming socialist whose only platform is “free stuff” paid for by the top one-tenth of taxpayers and does not have a chance, and the other is an abrasive, arrogant hypocrite who should be in prison for her mishandling of classified information. Hopefully the American voters will realize that one Clinton was one too many.

R.W. Titus


What could go wrong?

Re “Water supplies become a marketplace commodity” (cover story, August 28, 2008):

The City of Reno was approached by Goldman Sachs for “a long-term asset leasing that could potentially generate significant cash for the three Truckee Meadows Water Authority entities. The program would allow TMWA to lease its assets for 50 years and receive an up-front cash payment.” Essentially, Goldman Sachs wants to privatize Reno’s water utility for 50 years. Given Reno’s revenue shortfall, this proposal was financially attractive. But the water board eventually rejected the proposal due to strong public opposition and outcry.

Dan Williams