Letters for April 27, 2017

Yes, check the internet

Re “Is science dead?” (feature story, April 20):

Compelled to comment on the anthropologist. Whatever the “freaking” day is for her, she dismisses realities as “misunderstandings” by insinuation, “that vaccines can cause Autism.” Google “The Truth about Vaccines” for a documentary that presents the complete science.

And “genetically modified food is somehow harmful.” If you want to know, Google “The International Monsanto Tribunal.” April, The Hague, Netherlands, or Organic Consumers Association.

According to Anna Casareto, “Information is power,” I suggest she—and everyone else—gathers it and digests it.

David MacDonald


Bruce’s columns

I usually get some useful information from reading letters, mainly to get a pulse from my neighbors here in Northern Nevada. Lately, however, I am dismayed at hate letters aimed at Bruce Van Dyke for his vitriol toward Trump. Yes, BVD does get vulgar at times, but I’m guessing it’s because his blood pressure is at the danger level every time he sits at his keyboard to write about the president’s latest idiotic statement and, seemingly, his passion for lying about something.

These people who cannot tolerate vulgarity from a weekly columnist should perhaps take a chill pill and look at the vulgarity that is coming from our president—practically on a daily basis! This is a man who doesn’t seem to have a decency filter. He disrespects women and is totally unapologetic for it. The filth that comes from his mouth would make Nixon blush. But Van Dyke is the bad guy?

Get real, folks. We are stuck with this maniac for possibly four years. (I believe a majority of our population is hoping for far less.) Hillary may have had her faults, but I believe she at least has a heart and the brains to have led our country in a positive direction. Emails—please! Compared to Trump she is a saint.

So how about you haters try to understand where this all started about a year ago, and why Bruce and others get so heated they can’t help but let a few F-bombs fly. The Trumpman laid the foundation for it all.

Jim Reynolds

Diversity tour

I completed a solo motorcycle tour April 11. I had been holding off going to The South, afraid to argue about their beliefs on women’s rights, abortion, religion and skin color. I called this my Motivational Ride, because I am moving abroad in May. Yep. Had enough.

The South loves deep fried food. I asked for vegetables, and they deep fried okra for me. Fruit? “No that’s not in season.” Worse were the “yuge” billboards in Harrisn, AZ: “DIVERSITY IS A CODE WORD FOR WHITE GENOCIDE.” Nearby on the other side of the road was this: “WhitePrideRadio.com” I crunched on my Harley, stomach hurt badly. How is it possible to think like that? I wanted to scribble in fat black on those boards: “You know what in-breeding does, don’t y’all?”

Mette Elfving


Art or ‘For sale’ sign?

Whilst I wow on great art, and The Whale is wonderfully that, I question why $65,000 to “rent” it for a year? Certainly artists need to make a living from their good works, and I don’t know if this magnificent piece is to be sold, but it appears to me if that is the case, then the artists might perhaps kick $ome back into city coffers for previewing it—to maybe help us all fix disintegrating infrastructure?

It is a fabulous piece of art and life, and I am positively proud of it, but, hey—65k to rent it seems almost unseemly.

If the co$t is mostly moving it, I volunteer, as many others here will too. We can collectively assist, certainly and help defray costs?

Or am I totally offbase on this?

(Disclaimer—longtime burner from the last millennium)

Craig Bergland