Letters for April 22, 2010

BS talks

Re “Money walks” (Letters to the Editor, April 15):

My name is Michelle Turley, and I am Scott Williamson’s wife. I just read the Letter to the Editor by Bob Rzewnicki called “Money walks.” I just wanted to send a note that my husband is not a sponsored paid athlete. He actually works very hard manual labor to hike every summer, and when he gets home from hiking he goes right back to work like everyone else. I wish I knew where these sponsors were that are sending the checks because it would really make our life less stressful. Maybe if Bob read the article clearly, he would have noticed that Adam also has a job and works to pay for his hikes as well. These are regular people out doing extraordinary hikes. Bob, the RN&R is actually doing what you are asking, writing stories about real local people living their passions and living lives that they work very hard to create. Not all people out doing extraordinary adventures are spoiled paid professionals.

Michelle Turley

Free speech zone

It’s about time we took the advertisers to task for their phony pitches.

Pre-owned means used.

If you told me it was a used vehicle rather than pre-owned, I’d suspect you were more honest than most, and would probably do business with you.

If it’s pre-owned, then hey, you’re part of the problem, you are a deceiver, and I’ll take my business elsewhere.

Kind of like your “only $1199.99” pitches that are omnipresent.

Tell me it’s $1,200 plus taxes, and I’ll suspect you of being legitimate.

But $1,199.99, no, I don’t think so.

As it is in our stores with our purchase costing $4.20. That means my $20 bill has to be broken into one $10, one $5, 3-quarters, and 5 cents change.

Why didn’t you price it at $4.25?

Or $4?

Not having to make change (often incorrectly), and having to buy coins from the banks can streamline a small business. Ya think?

Tell me how much it costs out the door, and then I’ll do business with you.

Don’t include hidden taxes, etc., tell me what it costs, out the door.

Then I will have some sense of your integrity.

Craig Bergland

Probably just jealous

Re “Money walks” (Letters to the Editor, April 15):

In response to Bob Rzewnicki’s letter, I’d like to clarify that I am not a professional hiker. I wish I did get paid to do it, but I don’t. I didn’t have any sponsors on this trip and had to foot all my bills, travel, lodging, postage, gear, food and time off work. In fact, just a few months ago, I finally paid off my debt incurred from my 2006 PCT hike. I have paid for all of my trips. I returned to work Monday, Aug. 17, after completing the PCT on Aug. 12, 2009. I might wish to be a professional hiker, but in fact I am a mail order customer service rep.

This is all the same for Scott, or perhaps worse. He was running out of money by the end of the trip.

Lastly, I would like to stress that I don’t consider myself better than any hiker out there. I believe all hiking is worth doing regardless of the pace as long as the person doing the hiking is enjoying his or herself.

Thanks again for the opportunity to do a story with the RN&R. I really enjoyed working with Brian Burghart on it. I was surprised by this letter, though, as nothing in it is true. In fact, the story mentions my employment at Patagonia.

Adam Bradley

Ignorance is as ignorance does

Re “Define the terms” (Notes from the Neon Babylon, April 15):

Thank you for an excellent primer on what these widely—and wildly—tossed around terms really mean. As a Russian language major in the Cold War ’70s, I was never accused of being any of those things, but today, I hear it all the time. The truest thing I know is that ignorance kills: ignorance about medication, about legislation, about people, about words. And there is serious ignorance in, and on, the air these days.

Darlynne Vrechek

Gaga me with a fork

Re “Define the terms” (Notes from the Neon Babylon, April 15):

While many of these remarks ring true with me, I absolutely draw the line at buying Lady Gaga tunes … online or otherwise

Karl Larson
Moab, Utah

Hey, hey, hey

Re “Just play with your kids” (Editorial, April 15):

Americans are neither gluttonous nor slothful. Fast food isn’t inherently less healthy than slow food. Light exercise has little effect on body weight. Obesity actually has three causes: (1) excess consumption of Omega-6 fats, (2) excess consumption of fructose, and (3) insufficient dietary fiber. That’s the science.

Rich Dunn
Carson City

Wake up call

From: Kathy D Buie

To: Reno Letters


I saw Jesus in my bedroom in 1989. The holy scroll is not the image of Jesus. Kathy

From: D. Brian Burghart

Sent: Monday, April 19, 2010 4:23 PM

To: Kathy D Buie

Subject: Re:

We generally list the city someone is from in order to run their letter to the editor. And what holy scroll are you referring to?

From: Kathy D Buie

To: D. Brian Burghart

Subject: RE:

The one I see on TV all the time. The one found by the first Frenchman. The one with the water stains on it.

The city is Birmingham, Ala.

That is not Jesus face I know this. He is around 34 to 36 and young. First I was asleep, and he touched me with a calm feeling. I looked up in his face and all I can say is, this man is Jewish. His hair is dark on his shoulder, and he had on a white robe and had both of his arms out. I didn’t know what to do. All I could say for the rest of my life is I was blessed to have Jesus to appear to me. No one believes me when I tell them this, but I am willing to take any test you like because I know and Jesus knows that I am telling the truth. I believe and have all the faith in the world because I know he is real.

Kathy Buie
Birmingham, Ala.