Letters for April 21, 2016

Wrong angle

Re “Return of the terrifying candidate” (cover story, March 31):

I thought the grotesque caricature of Sharron Angle on your cover was over the top. We probably can all agree that her current entry into the U.S. Senate race is another misstep, as her time has passed.

But no one who throws their hat in the ring to serve in a public capacity deserves that level of stomach-turning vilification. and that includes the wily creature who handed Ms. Angle her head in 2010, the nefarious Harry Reid.

Jay Buellton

Las Vegas

You figured it out

Nevada Energy has big solar collectors at its headquarters on Neil Road in Reno. So solar is a good idea for them but not for anyone else?

Fred Hinners


Troubled water

The justification for the old Virginia Street bridge being demolished was to address the flooding potential of the Truckee River, right? Terrific! As a ham radio operator over the years who volunteered on several flooding incidents, all for it. Don’t the adjacent Center Street bridge immediately to its east and the Sierra Street bridge immediately to its west pose the same conundrum as did the historical Virginia Street bridge?

Y’ask me, given that those two bridges have not been updated to our trendy 21st century, so much for “flooding measures.” Indeed, all hail some cool green. That’s nothin’ new ’round these parts. Anyhow, the city’s got a spiffy bridge that is, effectively, a bridge to nowhere.

Decade after decade, I’ve watched downtown Reno become practically a mausoleum with an “ambience” more like worms on the concrete sidewalk after a good rain. Go one block past that keen new bridge, and it’s a war zone without the inconvenience of nasty corpses.

Craig Ayres-Sevier


Editor’s note: The Center Street bridge was replaced in 1997.


I would like to request Rollin’ on the River to play at the Bridge Restaurant. I would really like for them to get their chance to win big. They work so hard to make things happen. I sure hope you will consider my request. Thank you for your time.

Amber Loggan


Council and Chisel

Re “Reno City Council is doing fine” (editorial, April 14):

I recall hearing this with the prior council, and if anyone asked deep questions they were accused of “going down in the weeds.” As a result, no one was minding the store properly and the city almost was bankrupted with wild spending, incurring massive debt.

Thank heavens for people like Jenny Brekhus, Naomi Duerr and Paul McKenzie for paying closer attention! I also feel reassured with [Reno finance director] Robert Chisel watching the dollars. This is who I “believe” in! I prefer public officials who explain what’s occurring and ask good questions in view of the general public. If this causes others to grow intolerant, impatient, and resort to eye-rolling skyward, too bad!

Pamela E. Galloway


Art is its own reward

Re “Mad about the mouse/Michael Sarich” (Arts & Culture, April 6, 2006):

I am presently attending the University of Nevada, Reno, as an art major. I am enjoying the experience of being a student in Prof. Michael Sarich’s art class. As for my art style, I am considered to be a realist-impressionist.

In my opinion, art—along with music, writing and dance—benefit the students, one and all in a positive manner. As that statement relates to art, I am simply saying that just the act of attempting any style of art benefits the participant, even if they feel they have zero art talent.

Human beings are born to effect change, because it’s in our very nature to do so. Art excites the innovative mind. Hence, wiser doctors, lawyers, judges, scientists and so on.

Art follows rules, while at the same time, the artist can break all the rules.

Edwin Johnson