Letters for April 19, 2018


The total lack of mental-health resources in this area (Washoe County) is an absolute joke! Instead of all the stories you provide on legal cannabis, how about doing a real story on the mental-health epidemic in this area?

In trying to find these services for a family member, I have been mis-directed numerous times. West Hills is a total waste of resources. The only thing they are interested in is collecting money from your insurance carrier. What they actually do in there is an absolute mystery. There are hundreds, maybe thousands, of people with no clue where to start.

Dwayne Hubert


Rosanne Barr’s campaign

Re “A message in pop culture” (Let Freedom Ring, April 12):

The truth about what happened between Roseanne and Cindy Sheehan could easily be ascertained by interviewing Darcy G. Richardson. Mr. Richardson was the person in the know at the time. He acted as roseanne and Cindy’s handler and campaign manager behind the scenes. He ran for president himself early in the 2012 election.

The entire campaign was derailed by a power within the highest part of the republicandemocratmonarchy of the U.S.A.

Paul Dahmen

Sebring, Florida

Women and children

Re “A better cure for sex trafficking” (Let Freedom Ring, March 22):

The most uniformed and out of touch editorial I think I have ever read. You may want to visit with AWAKEN to try to get informed if you are at all interested in understanding the disturbing truth about sex trafficking and prostitution and the unimaginable harm it does to women and children. By the way, here is what really happens to women in the brothels, if you care: https://tinyurl.com/y8mc799w

Mike Kazmierski


Editor’s note: The article referenced in this letter was an opinion column, not an editorial. The article Mr. Kazmierski recommends is titled “A survivor goes on a brothel tour in Frankfurt’s red light district: Truth? Or propaganda and lies about prostitution?”


Students and parents, aunts and uncles use the electronic media as was done in Egypt to get this on. Use Facebook, Twitter, emails. Spread the word to all!

No laws are enforceable that may mean death to one of us. Imagine 51 million absences.

Whereas we, the students, parents and teachers are tired of being a political football as our safety is put on hold.

To oppress oppression with more oppression will not work. Where there is oppression, there is retaliation.

Gun laws that are not enforced now means more guns will not be enforced later. Backpacks can conceal all sorts of weapons. Many automatics can be broken down and reassembled, also knives and bombs.

We are tired of not knowing that if today is the day for our turn to die.

Out lives are at stake, while legislators do nothing to provide for our safety. The legislators provide billions on weapons to kill and main, darn little, if any, for our lives.

We want to be provided the safety and security that they have in courthouses and airports. We want lockdown doors. We want seat belts installed on all vehicles transporting students. We want more stringent measures taken against bullies, including expulsion. Counseling the bullied doesn’t seem to work.

Richard Davis



Re “Arch madness” (cover story, March 15):

We reported the first Reno Arch was installed in 1926 in Idlewild Park. Actually, the arch was erected that year on Virginia St. In the 1960s it was moved first to Idlewild Park and then to Paradise Park.

Re “The Teen Issue 2018” (cover story, April 12):

The email address of Claire Munoz was misspelled. It should have been claire.munoz@nevadaart.org. The date of Teen Art Night was given as April 28. It is actually April 27. We apologize for the errors.