Letters for April 19, 2001

Boycott these stations!

KRZQ recently dropped all of its specialty programming. This includes “Wake the Neighbors,” which featured oddball music on Saturday nights, Howard Stern on weekday mornings and, perhaps most importantly to readers of this paper, “The Scene,” which featured two hours of local and regional music you could find nowhere else on the radio.

According to a disc jockey I talked to, this was a “corporate decision.” My understanding was that all of these programs were garnering good ratings. Now, all of NextMedia’s and Americom’s stations are fully digital, meaning a DJ is no longer required. Now, it looks like KRZQ is going that route, and I’m sure the rest of NextMedia’s stations (which includes KTHX, by the way!) will be following suit, if they haven’t already.

The only way I can figure, NextMedia must think that cutting staff and going strictly with the usual canned music will result in a higher profit despite the lower ratings. Let’s all show them just how low their ratings can go: BOYCOTT NEXTMEDIA!

Mike Storke

We appreciate the support

Many thanks to the thousands of people who donated to the Muscular Dystrophy Association and signed paper shamrocks at businesses in February and March. Their generous participation will help MDA continue to provide families affected by neuromuscular diseases in our community with valuable services.

As one of many who have a loved one affected by a neuromuscular disease, I’m genuinely grateful for the caring support of customers and employees at convenience stores, supermarkets, restaurants and other retailers in Reno.

The 18th annual Shamrocks Against Dystrophy campaign raised more than $10 million nationally. These donations help MDA fund almost 400 research teams worldwide.

On behalf of the millions of Americans affected in some way by the more than 40 diseases covered by MDA: Thank you, and may St. Patrick bless you all year long!

Maureen McGovern
Muscular Dystrophy Association

Thanks for thinking of Citifare

Re “Bus or Bust!” (RN&R, March 29):

I must tell you how much I enjoyed “Bus or Bust!” We realize how attached people are to their vehicles, and we’re suggesting that people try Citifare occasionally as an alternative. The hardest part is taking that first step. Through your very personal experiences, people get a true sense of what to expect.

Since last year, ridership has increased over 10 percent from the previous year. We now provide more than 8 million rides a year!

And, while we haven’t gotten to the point of offering pillows and blankets, we do have a pretty comfortable ride to Carson City on our PRIDE service. Give it a try. The luxury coaches have cushy seats, individual lights [and] even an emergency restroom.

Carli Cutchin, Deidre Pike and Jimmy Boegle, thank you for your environmental concerns and thinking of public transportation (specifically Citifare) as a realistic and positive alternative. It is important for people to make some changes if we are to maintain the qualities we love about the Truckee Meadows.

Nancy J. Pearl
Regional Transportation Commission

Violet Hour needs a better time

Re “ ‘80s Club Hits With a Modern Edge” (RN&R Scene & Herd, March 29):

I grew up in the Reno area and fondly remember our days at the Premier Club, Underground and Red Square. I was excited to hear that there would be a place to go again. Then my excitement dwindled.

Like most of my friends from back in the day, we’re pushing 30, we have kids, and we work. By the time The Violet Hour is just starting, I am getting my son out of the tub. It ends two hours before I get up for work.

I spend many a Friday or Saturday night looking for something that doesn’t include a bunch of drunk college students and Top 40 music. In this town, that is hard to do.

Kelley Lang wrote that Visions doesn’t get as packed as other nights during The Violet Hour, but I am certain that if Rob Pelikan could find a place to do it on the weekends, the turnout would be greater.

Of course, I am happy someone hasn’t forgotten how much fun we “freaks” used to have and that someone has taken the time to re-create it. But unfortunately, I will probably never get the chance to go.

Michelle Parnell