Letters for April 18, 2002

BK Veggie? Yuck
Re “Hold the Charred Animal Flesh” [RN&R News Briefs, April 11]:

First off, I’ve been a vegetarian for almost 15 years, and I was extremely pleased to hear about Burger King’s new veggie burger. I’ve wondered for years when one of the huge burger chains would jump on a vegetarian-friendly burger. Unfortunately, the new BK Veggie sucks. I’ve eaten pretty much every brand and type of meat-free hamburger and this one is almost at the bottom of my list as far as texture and taste. Great idea, poor execution. I have a feeling this new BK product will fail and will probably ruin the chances for either Burger King or another of the chains to make a better veggie burger. I highly recommend the great-tasting Boca Burger Original patty available at most grocery stores. If only Burger King had contacted them to supply the burgers …

Mike Ward

Still thinking about prison life
Re “Changed Mind on Prison” [RN&R Letters, April 11]:

Now, would you believe it, I am leaning toward my original assumption. After re-interviewing my [former prison inmate] level 1 friend, he said that if former inmates of any level were to read my first assumption, they would grin knowing that I have revealed the lie. Many former inmates continue to expound tales of the horrors of prison life to get a rise from it. He says when they read the second assumption they will know that I have been fooled by typical inmate talk. He says Mr. Lerner would be the first to turn red in the face if confronted by other former inmates. Prisoners are “sorted” into places where they will be OK, and at any time they can request protective custody, making repeated rape a non-reality. Again, I’m sure it has its moments, and yes, horrible things can happen, but I just don’t think rape is as common as Mr. Lerner claims, and I’m calling him on it. Also, both of my friends said the part about everybody owning shivs is completely false.

Greg C.
via e-mail

The Price is right
Re “Center Street Circus” [RN&R Guest Comment, April 11]:RN&R ought to give Mr. Mike Price his own column for witticisms on many other things here in our fine town. Our Inversely Poetic would give him a “10” at our poetry slams—hands down. The sadder part is that, while the dog and pony show and its paper-stack props are still on stage, I feel as citizens we should get some form of our taxes back. In other show businesses, that’s known as “admission.” Even that word might scare a few Reno politicians as it can be followed by “… of guilt.” If I wanted bad entertainment, I’d ask for City Council Karaoke. Until citizens unanimously scorn City Council, thus indirectly challenging the strong-armed attitude of the casinos, the City Council will always have a lack of intestinal fortitude, or as I would like to call it, gonad integrity. Back to fun metaphors: If Reno City Council is to honorable government what Emily Dickinson is to good poetry, then Mr. Mike Price has a duty to stay in Reno and voice his words much more often. Thank you, Mike. I feel like we’re lost friends.

Kyle Weiss Proudly of Reno
Vote ’em out
Re “Center Street Circus” [RN&R Guest Comment, April 11]:

The Guest Comment by Mike Price was outstanding! Mayor Jeff Griffin and councilmembers Sherrie Doyle, Pierre Hascheff and David Aiazzi are like crooked politicians everywhere: They are owned and operated by the rich and powerful. The fat cats get everything they want while the peasants (that’s us) pay for it.

Those puppets in public office know who is pulling their strings, as Mr. Price observed at the Reno City Council meeting he attended. They call themselves “public servants” while they pick your pocket and stab you in the back. And then they have the gall to ask for your vote in November.

Wake up, people! If you don’t vote them out of office, they will do it to you again and again and again!

Brad MacKenzie