Letters for April 14, 2016

One person’s terror

Re “Return of the terrifying candidate” (cover story, March 31):

I was disgusted by the Dan Brumby hit piece on Sharron Angle in the March 31 edition. The potty-mouth verbiage was so offensive that I cannot believe it passed an editorial review, or do you even have an editorial review? Or was the editor out that day? Or was the editor stoned that day? If you are writing something against a candidate for office, please attack the candidate’s policies, platform or politics. Give the reader something he can grasp onto to vote for or against a candidate. What you printed was so egregious, I suspect it will have the exact opposite intent, and there will be those who will vote for Sharron Angle just for the purpose of countering your complete lack of journalistic integrity.

Carole Fineberg


Re “Return of the terrifying candidate” (cover story, March 31):

I was appalled at the Sharron Angle picture and article by Dan Brumby in your March 31, 2016, Vol. 22, Issue 7. This was beyond malicious and questionable. One might dislike certain people or candidates but to write such horrible fabricated garbage is wrong. What possessed you to run such a piece of fantasy? This was not an April Fool’s joke. It was disgusting. Mrs. Angle needs an apology immediately.

Juanita Cox


A plot to elect Clinton

I was surprised to see Donald Trump’s comment on the back of a new book, The Power of Nice, in which he advocates, “For my money, I would always rather make a deal with people I like who treat me well. If you want to discover the surprising power of nice, read this book. Memorize it. Use it. You’ll be glad you did.” I think he forgot to memorize it.

I was further enlightened by a couple I met at the bus stop yesterday. They advised the true reason he was running was to allow Hillary to win the presidency, as Trump had given the Bill/Hillary Foundation $60,000.

Hillary has the largest war chest and with her Benghazi screw-up, she can be labeled a “loser” in my book. What’s it going to look like if she descends from her first jet and runs under the stairs because she thinks she’s under attack, as she has before stated that she was under attack while alighting from a jet in—where was it, Afghanistan? Mainly, she could be called an anti-mom, in that someone should have pointed out that when we do have a war, it’s a mass of our finest military people versus the sons and daughters of someone on the other side of the world. (Possibly there would be 2,000 of America’s finest still alive today, had Obama found out we couldn’t afford spending trillions more money to support the Pentagon’s goals in Afghanistan.)

Since there are two-man wars taking place when Trump has meetings of just a few people in town, he will thoroughly screw up the Republican Convention in Cleveland, where 50,000 will be attending on July 18-21—thereby strengthening Ms. Clinton’s efforts to win the election.

Jeannie Jackson


More on the plot

The rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer. That is a fact. The wealthy are very happy with that situation, but the rest of us are not.

The middle class is getting restless. We are saying, “We want change and we want it now!” Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump are hearing us. The other candidates seem to be saying, “Sit down and be quiet.” But we won’t.

Sen. Sanders believes that the wealthy are not royalty, so they should not be treated that way. The rich should be required to pay taxes, just like everybody else, and they should pay their fair share. Our government should not be giving special favors to those who don’t need them. It should be giving aid to those who require help.

Sanders is a “democratic socialist,” but don’t confuse socialism with communism. Under communism, the people work for the government. Under socialism, the government works for the people. And socialism works very well in many European nations with Denmark as the best example. In the latest poll of the “world’s happiest nations,” Denmark is rated number one. How happy are you?

Mr. Trump is a different kind of animal. He noticed that D.C. Is a city overflowing with hypocrisy. Those entrenched politicians back east have been saying for over 30 years, “We must do something about illegal immigration.” They have spoken those words over and over, but what have they done besides talk? Nothing! The people of this country are totally fed up with politics as usual, so Trump—being a non-politician—saw an opening for himself. He very publicly jumped on the immigration issue and is now hoping to ride it all the way to the White House.

Brad MacKenzie