Letters for April 12, 2018

Another vote for Noah

Noah Christiansen, 17-year-old student at McQueen High, used the “F” word in a call to U.S. Rep. Mark Amodei. Amodei’s office retaliated by calling the McQueen school, reporting the incident. Such hypocrisy from Amodei, who has never criticized the foul language of Mr. Trump (remember “s-hole”?).

Would every student and citizen in Washoe County call Amodei’s office and leave a message urging Amodei to actually do something in terms of reasonable gun legislation? Mr. Amodei, you are lucky Mr. Christiansen is too young to run against you. Quit bullying students and get to work.

Richard Bissett


Well invested

Re “Are the kids alright?” (Let Freedom Ring, April 5):

This article begins with the observation that “Public policy should not be, but too often is, based on raw emotion.”

In the case of gun laws, public policy is not based on raw emotion, rather it is based upon the NRA buying the “best government money can buy.” The Washington Post’s Feb. 15, 2018, article entitled “Have your representatives in Congress received donations from the NRA?” reports that since 1998, the NRA has donated $4.1 million to current members of Congress.

Due to NRA lobbying, since 1987 Florida cities and counties have been preempted by the state from enacting tighter gun control measures. Local officials enacting local gun ordinances stricter than the state’s laws can be fined $5,000, be held personally responsible for any lawsuits, and face removal from office. So much for local government’s power to reflect the will of its citizens.

As for Mr. Trainor’s statistical analysis of relative risks, I suspect that a corresponding statistical analysis could be developed for the likelihood of a black being lynched in the South from the end of the Civil War to the present.

Does Mr. Trainor oppose the vaccination of children against common diseases, e.g. DPT vaccinations, because a child faces little risk of contracting such a disease?

The April 19, 2018, issue of “High Country News” published a list of five types of gun laws favored by the nation’s Founding Fathers, who enacted the Second Amendment. I urge the RN&R to republish that information.

Donald Schreiber

Incline Village

Editor’s note: Readers might want to know that the type of law described by Mr. Schreiber as existing in Florida has also been in Nevada law books since 1989, though its provisions are somewhat different. It is Nevada Revised Statute 244.364.

Endangered Earth

When listening to NPR, I heard a story about the decline of the Wright whale. It seems they are being decimated by ship strikes and drowning while being caught in abandoned fishing nets. Biologists also reported that during the recent calving season they did not see any whale babies. In Sudan, the last male northern white rhino died in mid-March because of loss of habitat and the near religious belief that ground rhino horn was good for your sex life. It’s not!

These are magnificent animals that are going the way of the dodo bird. As an environmentalist, I am concerned. I want all our children to enjoy and be aware of these animals. There are also endangered animals, such as bees, that are instrumental to our survival. Does anyone care? Earth is where our children live. We should not destroy it.

Don McKechnie



Re “Secret plans” (cover story, April 5):

In our article on Reno motels and housing, we reported that information we quoted on a Chicago affordable housing ordinance came from the news site This is Reno.

It should have been attributed to a story written by Mike Higdon in the Reno Gazette Journal. We apologize for the error.