Let the Swiftboating begin

The next time you have to deal with someone who’s blathering on and on about the evils perpetrated by “activist judges,” feel free to fire up the following, lifted from Anna Quindlen’s column in the June 9th issue of Newsweek: “The most sacred business of judges is not to ratify the will of the majority but to protect the minority from its tyranny.”

•     •     •

Just in case you missed this tidbit from June: “Thirty-six years after Western oil giants were ejected from Iraq by Saddam Hussein, the Iraq Oil Ministry has awarded two-year, no-bid contracts to the same companies. The deals with U.S.-based Exxon-Mobil and Chevron, Royal Dutch Shell, France’s Total, and Great Britain’s BP are for oil-field repair work and technical support, but give these companies the inside track to securing enormously lucrative oil-drilling licenses.” Gee. There’s a shocker. As if any other outcome concerning Iraqi oil was even remotely possible. The article in the July 4th issue of “The Week” goes on to note that “offers from Indian, Chinese, and Russian oil companies were rejected. Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice said the United States played no role in securing the deals, though Americans still advise the Iraq Oil Ministry.” Condi reportedly uttered that last howler with a straight face, which is noteworthy when you consider there used to be A SUPERTANKER IN THE CHEVRON FLEET NAMED AFTER HER.

I’m not anti-oil, and I’m not anti-gas. I realize that I’ve been most fortunate to have lived in what will very likely be, when looked back upon in history, a very brief and very luxurious Golden Age of Petroleum. But to all those administration wonks and blowhard pundits who couldn’t contain themselves from laughing derisively back in 2003 at the “political naivete” of protestors who dared to wave placards saying “No Blood for Oil,” I invite them all, each and every one, to get bent.

•     •     •

Loads of fun to see Republicans wanking all over themselves about Obama’s “flip-flop” on the issue of public financing. Good lord, the wailing and moaning directed toward that devilish Obama, who “showed his true colors” by backing off his earlier commitment to public financing in favor of sticking with the far more lucrative private donation strategy. You’da thought the guy had taken a leak on the Liberty Bell. I’d guess the damage done to Mr. Obama’s “image” by this move would be somewhere between zero and zero point zero percent. The guy is doing what it takes to win the election. Period. This apparently pisses Republicans off. Guess what, elephant people? Democrats have been taking notes while getting kicked repeatedly in the groin in the last few decades. Y’all better bring a steel-plated jock strap to the party this fall. Let the Swift-boating begin.