Let liberty ring

Welcome to this week’s Reno News & Review.

This is our annual Pride Issue, designed to coincide with the Gay Pride event in Reno, Aug. 20-21.

We had quite a time deciding what to do with this cover. There is absolutely nothing that pisses the faux-Christian right off quite as much as the sight of happy gay people, and no matter how we represent the package, which is a series of short interviews/profiles of gay individuals and couples about what makes them proud about themselves and their relationships, I expect my “letters” inbox will soon be filling up.

It seemed to be the height of hypocrisy to hide what this issue is about under some kind of subject-to-interpretation symbol. You’ve seen them, the Time Magazine’s close-up of clasped male hands or the rainbow ribbon. The other side of that coin is if we came up with a cover image that was too provocative, we would frighten and anger the very people we are trying to inform, and they wouldn’t read the story. I hope you’ll agree that this cover, featuring Paul Cain and his husband, Kurt Jacobowitz-Cain, tells what the story’s about without unnecessarily piquing anyone’s sense of propriety. On the other hand, those who don’t like it should feel free to send me an e-mail, and we’ll out their homophobia on the letters page.

So, as I was recently told, it is what it is. We are indeed proud of the accomplishments of our gay community. We are proud of how the greater community of Reno has become more inclusive and tolerant. And, frankly, we were a little surprised by how far Northern Nevada has come toward open-mindedness.

My family and I will be down at the Gay Pride parade next weekend. It’s on Arlington Avenue between West First and West Fourth streets. I haven’t figured out who the RN&R will be marching with, but I hope to see you there.