More from the unenlightened one

Failed anti-tax-faction leader Assemblyman Bob Beers (R-Vegas) was in the news again last week for yet another foot-in-the-mouth moment—describing an AIDS awareness program as one that’s “dedicated to putting condoms on gay men in the black community.”

In February, Beers was in trouble for describing casino workers as “prone to dropping out of school, reproducing illegitimate children … abusing drugs and alcohol more frequently and even killing themselves more often than people who do value education.”

In March, the RN&R reported that an Episcopalian bishop had received an insulting e-mail with Beers’ name attached to it.

The executive director of the Gay and Lesbian Community Center of Southern Nevada told Las Vegas Sun reporter Jennifer Knight that he was disappointed by Beers’ latest comment.

"It seems the more the guy opens his mouth, the worse it gets," Bellis told Knight. "The last thing we need is closed-minded politicians stopping people from getting educated and preventing this disease."