Lean and mean

Welcome to this week’s Reno News & Review.

A couple of changes coming up here at the old RN&R. These are all related to the screwed economy bestowed upon us by the current administration in it’s lust for power and money and inability to come to terms with climate change.

First, as we’ve mentioned many times in the past six months or so, we’re trying to figure out ways to help people save money and help the planet survive. We believe in putting our money where our mouths are, and starting this week, the editorial team of the Reno News & Review is going to a 10-hour-day, four-day work week, with one of those workdays a work-at-home or work–in-the-field day. Office hours won’t change for the business end of the newspaper, but this should enable editorial to cut about 40 percent of our fuel costs and carbon emissions by working only three days in the office. It’s an internetted world, and I’m sure you’ll be able to get in touch with us (or us you) as quickly as ever.

Second, in our efforts to cut costs and save money in the face of record high production and newsprint costs, I have to trim some editorial costs. The only two changes that I think will make much difference to the world at large is we are going to fold our weekly Theater feature into Art of the State and the Arts & Culture features. That’ll be apparent in two ways: First, we can be more selective as to what we choose to review and highlight on a weekly basis, and two, we’ll have a quarterly roundup of what Reno’s theater community is up to. Thirdly, the In Rotation feature is going away, at least temporarily. Gotta tell you, this is one of my favorite parts of the paper, but I believe the loss of each of its four parts will impact the fewest readers.

Times are tight, my friends, and sometimes short-term sacrifices have to be made to ensure a thing’s long-term health.