Welcome to this week’s Reno News & Review.

Last week, in this space, I made a crack about “If only there was a word that combined ‘lunch’ and ‘breakfast.’ … I vote for ‘leakfast.’ ” So, sure enough, come Thursday when the paper hit the racks, the emails started pouring in, shocked and appalled readers absolutely aghast that, in all my years, I’d somehow managed to avoid ever encountering the word “brunch.”

And OK, maybe it wasn’t my best joke ever, but—y’all really think I could live in the United States of America in 2019 and somehow have never heard of brunch? While editing a weekly newspaper for a city with a “midtown”? Seriously, in the same column, I mentioned that I used to write restaurant reviews. And you think I thought “leakfast” was a good suggestion for what to call the meal between breakfast and lunch? I mean, it sounds like the world’s worst diaper.

So, let me set the record straight: Not only have I heard of brunch, I’ve even eaten it. More than twice.

I didn’t write that line intending to troll those hater-readers who love to write in and point out every typo or error in the paper, but man, did it work out that way. Or maybe y’all are trolling me, trying to get me to write some treatise all about how I’m very familiar with American dining rituals. Who’s trolling whom? I don’t even know anymore.

Fun fact: did y’all know we’re on Instagram? Yep. Have been for a year or so. We’ve got a slew of social media accounts, but if you’re only going to follow one right now, I’d say go with the Instagram account, @renonewsreview. We’ve got some fun things planned. And Instagram is a great platform. It’s almost like you can send a telegram but, like, instantly. If only there was a word that combined “instant” and “telegram” … “teletant,” maybe?