Laws of Attraction

Rated 2.0 While Pierce Brosnan is a charming-as-all-hell bastard and Julianne Moore is unquestionably fun, the film surrounding them here is not up to their standards. Playing rival divorce attorneys who get married after a drunken night in Ireland, the two make you wish you were watching them in something else, because they definitely have chemistry, and the script is definitely piss poor. Writer Aline Brosh McKenna sets them adrift in such banal situations that it’s a wonder the pair remain straight-faced and focused. A subplot about a rock-star divorce proves to be the film’s most fatal flaw, with Parker Posey making us forget what a decent actress she can be with her portrayal of a cartoonish rock star’s wife. Brosnan made me laugh on quite a few occasions, and Moore just lights up the screen. They still can’t save the movie, which ends with an unfunny and strikingly abrupt thud. (CPL, CR, CS, NM)