Lawbreakers do not deserve legitimacy

“Our immigration system is broken, and it is past time that we came together and implemented an effective policy which respects our immigrant heritage, the rule of law, and human dignity.”
—Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, D-NY

On several occasions I’ve referenced the recent goings-on in our fair metropolis over the issue of immigration. It’s clearly shaping up to be a source of contention in the upcoming election year.

Specifically, I referenced the immigration raids of 11 area McDonald’s, which culminated with 54 alleged illegal aliens being arrested. Predictably, this led to several responses by both the pro-illegal alien (or undocumented worker) group and the anti-illegal alien crowd.

Ostensibly in support of those arrested, a Fourth Street business owner chose to fly a Mexican flag above a U. S. flag over his restaurant.

One Jim Brossard, a veteran, was filmed by a Channel 4 cameraman cutting the flags down and stomping off after some well-chosen words. And what are the odds that a camera man would be present at the precise time and location so as to catch the deed on film? Well, that’s about as unbelievable as CBS hiring Katie Couric to replace Dan Rather in order to appear more fair and balanced.

Anyway, here’s the rest of the story:

Veterans of the U.S.S. Intrepid Association (members who served on the U.S.S. Intrepid aircraft carrier) have given Mr. Brossard a certificate and American flag for his actions.

“To fly the American flag underneath the Mexican flag, it just defies everything,” the Reno Gazette-Journal quoted USSIA official Wayne Erven saying. “Our flag goes on top. That’s the honor we give our flag.”

And predictably enough, here was Bob Fulkerson, state director for the Progressive Leadership Alliance of Nevada (PLAN), quoted in the same story: “I think what they’re doing is rewarding criminal behavior, and they’re rewarding violent behavior. To me, that goes against our Constitution. That goes against the values of our country.”

Now I don’t know about you, but whenever a liberal starts talking about values, I have this urge to run for boots because I know I’m about to be subjected to something hip-deep.

At the risk of generalizing here, recognize that whenever it comes to the liberal agenda, criminal and/or violent behavior is a convenient means to an end. How about these salient examples of conduct by our loopy friends on the left? Throwing paint on people wearing fur coats? Or blocking access to a KFC? Or criminal trespass on private property to chain themselves to a tree?

Now also recall that when last we heard from PLAN, they were running radio spots presenting a more balanced view of “immigrants.”

This latest rendition of liberal speech is synonymous with “undocumented workers” and is presumptively meant to connote to the brain-dead masses that these people have some degree of legitimacy.

There is no “balanced view” on immigrants. If you are in the country in contravention of United States immigration laws—whether for 10 seconds or 10 years—you are an illegal alien (or if you prefer, illegal immigrant), and the only thing you deserve is a one-way trip home.

These phony-baloney attempts to brainwash the populace that a bunch of lawbreakers deserve to avoid all the consequences of their actions because they successfully avoided detection for a certain period of time is utterly ridiculous. We have our own children to educate and working poor to feed without importing more.

The only things “broken” with our immigration system are idiot politicians and their ilk who feel compelled to import their constituency.

And that perhaps brings me back to Clinton.