Editor’s Choice

Death: The best way to reach new heights

When the Death card is dealt in the movies, it’s always obvious somebody’s day isn’t going to be 24 hours long. But often, the end is just a beginning. Look at the corner of South Virginia Street and Commercial Row for an example. When the lights died in Fitzgerald’s Casino, many believed the darkness was a symbol for Reno’s long journey into night. Instead, as its face changes with the birth of CommRow, it has become a symbol for the new Reno, a Reno that is growing out of its cast off skin to examine new ways to approach the future, new offerings that don’t exist anywhere else in the world. The world’s tallest climbing wall is a superlative idea. There will only be one tallest climbing wall. And it will be here.

The World: The best positive changes

The World card symbolizes assured success. Often, it means a change of place, but can that also mean a place changing? Those who’ve been in the Truckee Meadows for any time at all know why East Fourth Street has developed its somewhat seedy reputation. But look at the west end of the street through the optimistic eyes of the fool. You’ll see a new cultural life that hasn’t existed on the route for nearly half a century. You’ll find new activity, new enterprises, new ideas. Reno’s future may be in the cards of what happens on old Highway 40, but it’s not a destiny set by uncontrollable forces. It’s your World, make it the best.

Readers choice

Best Latino visual artist

1. Ana Leyva

2. Edwin Martinez Esco

Best Latino business

1. Beto’s Mexican Food

575 W. Fifth St., 324-0632

2. El Adobe Café

55 W. Arroyo St., 327-4422

3. Marketon

1500 S. Wells Ave., 786-8788

Best Latino place of worship

1. St. Therese-Little Flower Church

875 E. Plumb Lane, 322-2255

2. El Cordero de Dios

1001 Wheeler Ave., 338-4385

Best pupusa

1. El Salvador Restaurant

517 Forest St., 329-3022

2. Speedy Burrito

1420 S. Wells Ave., 324-1339

3. El Paisano Taqueria y Pupuseria

1901 Silverada Blvd., Sparks

Best quincieñera shop

1. La Milagrosa

1300 S. Wells Ave., 322-8816

2. El Mundo Latino II

1401 S. Wells Ave., 786-3569

Best panaderia

1. Panaderia Azteca

2145 Sutro St., 322-2246

2. Panderia Las Palomas

814 S. Wells Ave., 323-1881

3. La Esperanza Bakery

2031 Prater Way, Sparks, 331-7701

Best Latino dance club

1. Coco Boom

701 S. Virginia St., 324-9775

2. La Fonda de Don Juan, Sparks

4385 Neil Road, 284-2950

3. Neutron Bar

340 Kietzke Lane, 786-2121

Best Latino publication

1. Ahora Latino Journal

2. El Sol de Nevada

Best Latino social organization

1. Nevada Latinos for Prosperity

2. UNR Latino Student Advisory Board

Best Latino band

1. Drinking with Clowns

2. Huck

Best Latino writer

1. Emma Sepúlveda Pulvirenti

1. Mario DelaRosa

Best carneceria

1. Carneceria DOS Amigos II

673 E. Moana Lane, 829-4499

2. Carniceria La Chiquita

4385 Neil Road, 825-9150

3. Marketon

1500 S. Wells Ave., 786-8788

Best Latino event

1. Cinco de Mayo

2. SalsaVania!

Best taco truck

1. Tacos El Pueblo

2. Calvin’s Sausages

3. GourMelt Grilled Cheese Truck

3. Taco Azul