Lady and the Tramp

Rated 3.0

Disney+, the new Disney streaming service has this available on day one, a sweet little live-action redo of the classic 1955 animated feature. This works primarily due to the casting of both the actual dogs and their voices. Justin Theroux, a notorious dog lover, is perfect for Tramp, a Schnauzer hybrid living the street life. The dog he provides the voice for is the spitting image of his animated counterpart. Tessa Thompson provides vocals for Lady, a cute-as-all-heck Cocker Spaniel. The live-action animal talking is well done, and more engaging than that recent remake of The Lion King. The plot remains simple: rich dog meets stray dog, rich dog becomes stray dog, dogs fall in love. There are some major changes—no “Siamese Cat Song”—but fans will find a lot to remind them of the original (spaghetti scene!). Your kids will love it, and if it’s any indicator of the upcoming quality of the new Disney+ streaming content, things are off to a decent enough start. (Streaming on Disney+.)