Kung Fu Panda

Rated 3.0

A big panda, voiced by Jack Black, learns Kung Fu. That’s about all that’s happening in this sporadically cute and good-looking computer-generated creation from Dreamworks, makers of Shrek and Shark Tale. (They should be shot for the latter.) A mystic turtle sets out to choose his kingdom’s protector at a lavish ceremony, and when Po, the panda, crashes the party, he gets the nod. He’s trained by a Kung Fu master (Dustin Hoffman) who is a little miffed at first because none of his other students (including animals played by Angelina Jolie, David Cross and Jackie Chan) got the gig. Of course, Po will do just fine and villains will be dispatched in non-bloody fashion so the children won’t vomit. If you like pandas, kung fu and cartoons, then have at it. This one’s for you. If you like beer, heads getting blown off, and nasty, messy porn, then stay away and surf the net or something.