KOLO news director fired

Frequent readers of the Reno News & Review will recognize the name Brad Brokaw (no relation to Tom) from last week’s cover story, “Pay Per News.”

He was the KOLO-TV news director who was quoted saying, “The changes that have happened under my watch, the changes that will continue to happen, are all done based on the long-term, long-range vision we have for the station.”

Apparently, his watch was shorter than he anticipated, as he was fired on July 23, after the RN&R’s deadline last week, but before the newspaper was distributed.

Ironically, Brokaw could not speak on the record about his termination from the station.

“The severance agreement I reached with KOLO was pretty specific that I couldn’t speak with you,” he said.

He did say that Reno is a pretty small town, and his career here is probably finished. He will probably head back to the East Coast.

Sources inside the station said that his termination was most likely not related to the story, but was more likely related to job performance. Nevada is a right-to-work state, as so many of the ex-employees of KOLO have discovered, and no cause for separation must be disclosed to a fired employee.