Rated 3.0

Nicolas Cage stars as a freaked-out dad whose kid gets a list of numbers out of a time capsule. The numbers contain 50 years of major disaster dates and death tolls, with some of the dates still to happen. It appears that the end of the world is nigh, and Cage is the only one who truly knows it. This is the best Cage film in three years and, while it’s no classic, director Alex Proyas deserves some credit for getting some good work out of the inconsistent actor. This is the first apocalypse film in a while that doesn’t wuss out, and doesn’t star Kirk Cameron. The finale is a decent shocker, and while I could’ve done without some of the religious subtext, Proyas does manage some thrills and chills. Even though this film is about the end of the world, Cage’s performance is surprisingly calm and nuanced.