Knight and Day

Rated 3.0

Tom Cruise gets to do what basically amounts to a comic version of his Mission Impossible persona Ethan Hunt in Knight and Day, a slick and shallow film that manages to entertain while not necessarily blowing your mind. Cruise plays Miller, a mysterious man and possible rogue agent being pursued by the FBI. He bumps into the beautiful June Havens (Cameron Diaz) on an airplane, and the two partake in a wild and wacky adventure. Cruise is a lot of fun here, doing some nice, risky stunts and delivering effortless comedy. As for Diaz, she’s just not cutting it at this point in her career and represents the film’s weaker moments. She’s far from terrible but, simply put, she isn’t half as good as Cruise in this film. Director James Mangold provides some decent action scenes and gets the goods out of Cruise, who is clearly enjoying the chance to let loose and show his comedic chops.