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Best place to watch your 80-pound running back get slammed into by a kid twice his size

Sierra Youth Football League

Dear Sally,
Whew, moving into a new house is just so much work you wouldn’t believe it. But the kids seem to be enjoying their new schools here in Sparks, and things at Bill’s new job just couldn’t be better. I’ve been trying to find time to sew curtains to match the lovely new tile in our suburban home. That’s harder than you’d think, what with church and Girl Scouts and open houses at school. Then, Jesse started playing football with the Sierra Youth Football League. Even though he’s only in seventh grade, he’s playing with some of the same kids who he’ll play with at Reed High School in a couple of years. Jesse is just the cutest little running back you ever saw. When I see him racing across the field with the ball, skillfully evading those huge 160-pound defensive linemen and kicking some serious butt, it warms my motherly heart.

I hope things are going better for you and Joe. How’s Squeaky doing with her problem?

Your friend,