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Scooper’s Drive-In

Scooper’s Drive-In

Photo By David Robert

Best place to buy a sweet/ phat/bomb skateboard

Excell Skates of Reno
235 E. Plumb Lane, 322-6001

Maybe you, like most parents, don’t know the difference between a Blind and a Think deck. Maybe you’ve never considered what brand of trucks are best for grinding or contemplated what bearings can do for you. The experienced staff at Excell Skates of Reno, in Shoppers Square on Plumb Lane, can help. They’re good at advising neophyte parents on the intense details of the best board for your favorite skater dude or dudette. Remember, skateboarding is not a crime. But it sure is expensive.

Rockiest place for a kid’s birthday party

Illustration By Kamela Eaton

RockSport Indoor Climbing Center
1901 Silverada Blvd., 352-7673

Sure, you can roller skate, bowl or play laser tag. But these traditional birthday party events might have guests scaling the walls. If you wanna take ’em someplace where they actually can climb the walls, get inside RockSport Indoor Climbing Center. They’ll do a party—on weekends by appointment only—even for kids with absolutely no history of scaling a cliffside. It’s $15 per kid for two hours of climbing with a six-kid minimum. Rock on.

Best place to introduce your kids to the foreign artifacts known as books

Washoe County Library, Sparks Branch
1125 12th St., Sparks, 352-3200

You just never know when a young human being might suddenly develop an interest in reading. Maybe the kid played Nintendo 64 games for five years running, and then suddenly woke up one morning thinking, “Maybe I’ll read a book today.” Don’t laugh. It could happen. Of course, it’s a bit more likely to occur if the child realizes that books exist. The folks at the Sparks Library lure kids into their establishment with such sneaky techniques as games, dramas and contests. The library also has videos, computer software and CDs to check out. Washoe County Library’s main branch in Reno has cool indoor greenery and scenery. But the Sparks Library wins this category for featuring everything your kids will need for recreational reading and even … ack … low-level research. And it’s easier to find a parking spot.

Best place to buy stuff to turn your teen’s hair gold, orange, blue or purple

Sally’s Beauty Supply
Various locations

Wanna bleach those spikes without paying a fortune? A one-ounce packet of Quick Blue, sold at Sally’s Beauty Supply stores around town, ought to do the trick for most adolescent heads. It costs $60 or more to do this at a salon. The Quick Blue is $3.99 at Sally’s, and a bottle of developer that lasts through several bleach packets is less than $10. Pre-test it on your kid’s scalp before you go slobbing a whole pack on. Wear gloves. Don’t get it in anyone’s eyes. And voila! Depending on how long the bleach is in, your kid is orange, gold or nearly white. For after-bleach fun, try semi-permanent dye in one of a couple dozen colors.

Best place to visit after losing the big game

Scooper’s Drive-In
1356 Prater Way, Sparks, 331-6221

OK, you’re not supposed to reward kids with food. You not supposed to console them with treats. These are bad habits. Your child’s attitudes toward a balanced and healthy diet might be ruined forever. For the parents willing to take that chance, nothing beats Scooper’s Drive-In. That old-fashioned strawberry sundae, with plenty of nuts, whipped cream, a cookie and a cherry on top might even soften the loss of the championship game or match or meet. Remember, Mom and Dad, kids’ sports are supposed to be fun.