Kids’ clothing on the cheap

Go resale, go local with kids' fashion

Jennifer Cole, owner of Once Upon A Child, in Reno sorts through tons of kids' dresses, searching for a favorite.

Jennifer Cole, owner of Once Upon A Child, in Reno sorts through tons of kids' dresses, searching for a favorite.

Christina Solis, who has been working at Sippees since the store opened in May of 2013, poses in the sailboat that sits right in the middle of the store.

Sippees, 329-2110, is at 955 S. Virginia St., and Once Upon A Child, 825-4448, is at 6015 S. Virginia St.

You're in aisle 10 of your local grocery store, minding your own business, when you hear the shrieking, earth-shattering whine of a 4-year-old girl. She continues her unnerving scream, but you're trying to drown her out as you choose a cereal.

Instead of making a quick whole-wheat-or-sugary-cereal decision, you wrack your brain as to why this little girl—not even the height of your shopping cart—is still screaming. You think the reason must be catastrophic.

Finally, you clue into the mother and her pipsqueak's conversation. You learn she's frustrated because her mom wouldn't let her don her new favorite dress—for the fifth day in a row.

Oh, is that all?

Kids, like many adults, can have a strong sense of fashion. Whether it be based on how the clothing feels running around on the playground, how it looks, or how their dress compares to their dolls', kids tend to have strong opinions about what they wear.

“I think kids can be very opinionated [on their fashion preferences],” said Christina Solis, of Sippees, a resale kids' clothing store. “Three and 4-year-olds can know exactly what they like.”

Photo/Erin Meyering

Kids grow quickly, so why spend big bucks on clothes they may only wear for a month? There are several local kids' clothing stores that have both budget and kids' preferences in mine.

“Kids' fashion is usually a season or so behind adult fashion,” said Jennifer Cole, owner of Once Upon a Child store in Reno.

Cole gave the example of jogger pants. This style of pants is wide and loose around the thigh, and extremely slim at the ankle. Think late '90s, paired with a Pear Jam hat. This style could have been seen around a year ago in adult fashion mags, but it's just now trickling into children's clothing.

Although Cole has owned Once Upon a Child in Reno for over six years, she is still reminded why she is involved in the resale business.

“My 11-month-old daughter just recently skipped two shoe sizes in a month,” Cole said.

Once Upon A Child, a local branch of a franchise, buys and sells a wide variety of kids' clothing, with sizes from preemie to 16/18.

Sippees also buys and sells used clothing, with a bit of an edge, including vintage. The store carries items in sizes up to 12/13.

Prices for both stores generally remain under $10, with the exception of specialty or designer items.