Rated 2.0

Current movie critic whipping boy Hayden Christensen jumps around a lot in the aptly titled film. And, as far as guys who jump around a lot films go, this one isn’t all that great or all that bad. While the character possesses the ability to teleport from place to place, the movie itself never really goes anywhere. Some of the fault lies with Christensen who sleepwalks through the role, which is pretty odd when you consider he’s supposed to be playing a guy who jumps around a lot. He plays David Rice, who conveniently discovers his ability to teleport after falling through the ice as a youngster. One moment he’s about to become fish food and then-zoom-he zips to a library where he causes a commotion. There’s a love story, an evil Samuel L. Jackson trying to kill the jumper, and Jamie Bell as a fellow jumper with a cool accent. The film isn’t awful, but it isn’t all that memorable either.