Julie & Julia

Rated 2.0

There’s half of a really good movie here. Meryl Streep is pure delight as Julia Child, stationed in France with her loving husband (Stanley Tucci) and learning the art of French cuisine—on her way to legendary status. Unfortunately, we also get a present-day story about an annoying, self-pitying woman (Amy Adams) who takes up the major challenge of cooking all of the recipes in Child’s cookbook, in one year for her blog. (Ooooh!) When the movie focuses on Child, it’s a winner. When it swings back to Adams’ character, it stops in its tracks. Adams is usually enjoyable, but she’s given a battle she can’t win with this character. I also can’t stand when people talk with their mouths full in the movies. It drives me nuts. Streep’s portion of the movie gets a high rating, but the Adams portion is a super dull time. A Julia Child biography would’ve been just fine.