Juicy tidbit

Some organic fruit juices have more antioxidants than conventional juices, according to a new study.

Washington State University researchers, led by Dr. Neal Davies, measured the levels of three important cancer-fighting antioxidants in citrus fruits and juices: hesperetin, naringenin and eriocitrin. They were measured in both their glycoside (molecules with attached sugars) and their aglycone (molecules stripped of sugars) forms.

The study was supported by The Organic Center, which reported the following:

Organic lemonade had 10 times the eriocitrin and three times the aglycone form of antioxidants than conventional lemonade.

Organic lime juice had three times the level of eriocitrin. Organic apple juice contained three times as much hesperidin and twice as much hesperetin as non-organic apple juice. Organic grapefruit juice had 20 percent less hesperidin but 77 percent more hesperetin.