Judging yourself

Does your family suffer from your hoarding behavior?

Do you:

• save broken, irreparable or useless things?

• buy excessive quantities of goods beyond the amount needed for reasonable usage?

• purchase large amounts of useful items and store them for future usage, but then never use them?

• feel a physical manifestation of anxiety at the thought of losing some of your stuff (rapid heartbeat, dry mouth)?

• retrieve numerous materials from the trash on a regular basis?

• have difficulty discarding anything because of a fear of accidentally throwing out something important?

• save excessive quantities of old, useless, printed matter (newspapers, magazines, junk mail)?

• make and keep extensive lists or records of certain things, even after they are no longer needed?

• save large amounts of certain items for possible use by others or for future recycling?

And, is someone in your life consistently complaining that your “saving” is oppressive and hurtful? You might find help here: www.ocfoundation.org.