Jonas Brothers: The 3-D Concert Experience

Rated 1.0

The 3-D Concert Experience

This film starts with the Jonas Brothers copying a moment from A Hard Day’s Night. That’s pretty audacious for a bunch of no-talent bastards. This so-called concert movie features not one good song as the Jonas siblings warble and whine through their alleged hit list. It does, however, feature a moment where one of the evil siblings sprays the largely female audience with something that appears to be jism. So, if you have a dead Saturday with nothing to do, and you think a Jonas brother spraying a bunch of kids with a manjuice-like substance sounds like a rocking good time, well then, have at it. If you fear that witnessing such an act could bring on an embolism, then stay very far away from this. The film has not been a huge success at the box office, which has me crossing my fingers that their run could be close to over. I should be so lucky.