Join the Pack

Wow, you’re all grown up and gone to college

Look around you. Green trees, rose gardens, historic buildings, and—at least at presstime—what look like clear skies. Welcome to college. The university has some good things going for it—some brand spanking new things, too, like a new student union that’s so comfortable you’d never know it was a super green, energy-efficient construction. There’s also the school’s latest pride and joy, a high-tech “knowledge center.” They used to call those things libraries, except this library has robots fetching your books and lots of bells and whistles. So it looks pretty peachy. Thing is, the state has asked the school to make some major budget cuts, and you’ll see how that shakes down over the next year or so. With this issue of Join the Pack, we’ll help you, the Class of 2012, maneuver some of these ins and outs of your new home, give you some tips about how to live greener in this rapidly warming world, and we’ll tell you about some places off campus—because you gotta have a break sometimes—that offer free wi-fi and food that won’t break your own budget. Now, off with you. It’s time to learn a thing or two.

The four corners of free wi-fi
Four places to fill up on cheap grub and free wi-fi.

Not all of Greek life looks like Animal House.
UNR’s multicultural fraternities and sororities take Greek stereotypes to task.

Good things are growing
A student-run organic farm takes root at UNR.

Sustain yourself
You’ve heard about the polar bears, the melting glaciers, the food scares and shortages, droughts, smoke, fire and–oh yeah—rising gas prices. What are you going to do about it?

Public genius-school founders are helping to give UNR something it hasn’t had in 40 years.
A spiffy new math and sciences center, the likes UNR has never seen, is underway, largely courtesy of genius-school founders Bob and Jan Davidson.

Ouch, 14.5 percent? This could sting a bit.
What’s that whacking sound? Don’t worry, it’s just the budget. UNR has already cut $10 million under state orders, and more is expected to come.

Grad students get a little support from GSA.
Meet Brithany Thomson, president of the Graduate Student Association.

30 numbers to know
Put these in your cell phone now.