John Marschall 1933-2016

University of Nevada, Reno history professor John Marschall died on Set. 21. He was also a former vice president of the university.

Marschall came to Reno as a Catholic priest in 1968 to work in the Center for Religion and Life, a fondly-remembered campus interfaith location used for a variety of events—debates, concerts, weddings, a coffeehouse and so on—during the tense years of war and student disenchantment. He eventually left the priesthood (“A faith for all seasons,” RN&R, July 18, 2002) and became a fixture on campus as both an instructor and administrator.

“One of the kindest, most intelligent, generous and compassionate men it has ever been my good fortune to know, with the wickedest sense of humor and mischievous twinkle in his eyes one could imagine,” said UNR art professor Howard Rosenberg. “Heaven is a much richer place for his presence.”

Marschall’s book, Jews in Nevada, was published in 2008. “What this book has done is impress upon the people that a very integral part of Nevada was shaped by Jewish people,” said historian Guy Louis Rocha.