John Livermore 1918-2013

Carlin Trend and Getchell Trend discoverer John Livermore has died. Using ideas and techniques of U.S. Geological Survey geologist Ralph J. Roberts, Livermore and another Newmont mines geologist, Alan Coope, in 1961 found a site laced with minute amounts of gold. Livermore later left Newmont to form his own company, Cordex, and established several other mines of the same kind of “invisible” gold, leading to the discovery of the Getchell Trend.

The discoveries made Nevada the world’s fourth largest gold producer, and while no reliable figure is available, in 1989 they were estimated to have generated more than 90 million ounces of gold.

He was involved in mining politics and failed in an effort to reform the Mining Law of 1872 in a way that the industry could support. He contributed to campaigns of Nevada politicians from Chic Hecht to Barbara Vucanovich to Jim Gibbons. One of the few Democrats who got his support was Nick Rahall of the mining state of West Virginia.