Rated 1.0

This film pulls the Jigsaw Killer (Tobin Bell) out of the mothballs and finds a way for the permanently scowling, droning party pooper to commence elaborate killings again. Hey, LionsGate needs a hit, and nobody over there is concerned about quality or making a lick of sense when it comes to this franchise. This mess is living proof of that. Things start in that oh-so-familiar, Saw way, with a bunch of people trapped in a room and chained to contraptions that threaten to disembowel them. They are all bad people who must confess their crimes or face the wrath of Jigsaw and a rather stellar makeup department. This movie is idiotic, but the gore masters do some pretty decent yucky stuff. There’s a half-sawed-off head moment that was quite good. I hope the PA or intern who did the work on that one got an extra Snickers for the effort. Yeah, Jigsaw died in one of the past movies. I don’t remember which, and you couldn’t pay me enough to go back and watch them again to figure it out. I just know he died somewhere in the prior six films and lived on in flashbacks. The writers have come up with yet another way to return the crotchety psycho codger to the big screen because somebody at LionsGate needs one of those saltwater swimming pools and a new bike. Seven movies in, and I’ve yet to meet a Saw movie that I like. Jigsaw is more of the same, more of the lame.