Jesus Camp

Rated 4.0

This here documentary is one of the better horror-comedies since The Evil Dead. This movie has it all! Kids break dancing to Christian rock, kids talking in tongues and going into seizures on the church floor, preachers telling kids that Harry Potter is the son of Satan. I love this movie! Finally, somebody takes a camera into one crazy church and captures the pure terror going on in there. For anybody who thinks the directors of this film have found an exaggerated situation when it comes to how whacked out a Pentecostal church can be, let me tell you something: I went to a Jesus Camp just like the one in this film when I was a kid, and that shit was fucked up! This film only catches about half the horrors. Preacher Becky Fisher should be institutionalized. She is, bar none, one of the craziest people to ever occupy a documentary film. Writer’s note to Jesus: Please Jesus, my condemnation of the nutbags in this film has nothing to do with my love for you and churches where people just go to worship and have a good time. You rule! It’s just that some of your flock has gone astray, and Christian rock sucks ass.