Jay Bybee targeted

A website, www.DisbarTortureLawyers.com, has been set up as part of the effort to disbar 12 lawyers whose legal advice helped enable torture during the Bush administration, and to seek the impeachment and conviction of one of those lawyers, U.S. Appeals Court Judge Jay Bybee, who also teaches at a Las Vegas law school. The group is particularly interested in getting other lawyers involved in the effort.

Dubbed “the man behind waterboarding” by Time magazine, Bybee was appointed to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit as a Nevada candidate, though his residency has been questioned, and he is not a member of the Nevada bar. He is registered with the D.C. bar. Several senators have said they would not have voted to confirm Bybee for the court if they had known his record on torture.

A video, Bybee on Torture, is posted on YouTube.