Jackass: Number Two

Rated 3.0

There are things in this film that I resent having to see, and they keep the movie from getting a higher rating. (Never, ever show a person taking a shit on screen. Ever!). Still, Johnny Knoxville and his insane cronies pull off enough amazing gags to put this one over the top despite its nausea-inducing moments. Knoxville himself proves to be the most insane this time out, allowing himself to be gored and trampled by bulls and taking a rocket ride that nearly kills him. The group, especially Steve-O, needs to stop now because someone will surely die if this series goes to a third film. Steve-O actually comes close to losing his legs to a Mako shark this time out after putting a hook through his cheek and using himself as live bait. Seriously guys, you can stop now. I don’t want to see any of you croaking on the big screen.