It ain’t me, babe

Welcome to this week’s Reno News & Review.

I’d like to think of something profound to write about the future—well, profound as this little exercise gets anyway—but I found myself stuck in last week, caught up in the story about little Ramsey Farley, the child with the undiagnosed but probably deadly disease featured in this publication.

People keep saying nice things about me and writing nice things about me on Facebook, and while those comments make me feel proud, humbled and embarrassed, I feel as though I need to point something out: The only reason I, or any of this staff, get to write these stories is because of this newspaper. We’re all chaotically professional—we would not get this newspaper out on deadline every single week with a four-and-a-half person editorial team, if we weren’t—but none of us would have been considered qualified by more corporate newspapers before we developed our chops in this one.

I don’t think anyone who works here will find this offensive. Most of us do not have journalism degrees. Some of us were fired from previous journalism jobs. We’re just not what anyone would call “corporate.” And we’re proud of that. While we’re all strong—even award-winning—individuals at what we do, if it weren’t for the medium, you probably would not be reading us.

But anyway, I guess what I’m saying is thank you to the Reno News & Review for giving us all voices and allowing us to help the community in the ways we see fit.

And if you readers haven’t sent Ramsey’s story to your friends in the medical field—anywhere in the world—you can find it at


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