Into the Blue

Rated 2.0

Admittedly, nearly two hours of looking at Jessica Alba mostly naked is not a bad time. However, this is not a good movie, and Alba’s bikini-clad body can not erase that fact (although overexposure to the sight of said body has been known to cause sleeplessness). Paul Walker stars as a treasure seeker who happens upon a plane wreck full of drugs at the bottom of the ocean. As coincidence would have it, the plane found its resting place right alongside an ancient shipwreck, posing many moral and financial dilemmas. The amazing physical specimens participate in many dives, almost always running out of air and occasionally getting eaten by sharks. All of the characters contained herein are jerks, so there’s nobody to really root for when watching this. The performances are dreadful, and the plot is ridiculous, but the movie does look great, so it’s not a total loss. Should mark an increase in Jessica Alba poster sales, although box office will probably be crapp