Interstellar this 'n' that

To give you an idea of how sensitive I'm getting to our state of parchedness, I was looking at pics/video of that massive snowstorm that recently paralyzed Buffalo with nothing less than naked jealousy. As in, gosh, it would be so dadgummed fabulous to be nailed by a whopping big whiteout. And this was not the usual wish for big bad blizzards that Reno people harbor, where what we actually hope for is Truckee to be wiped out by traffic-mangling snowfall and towering snowdrifts. No, I'm ready to suck it up and have us down here in the flats get buried and stranded and even (shudder) gravely inconvenienced. Ah, the good ole days, when it used to be cold and wet. Now, it seems to be mostly cold and dry, where our storms are mostly just wind events.

Sometimes, this just needs to be put out there. But it's now important to remember, younger folk, that humanity simply doesn't need your help in replenishing our numbers. A few hundred years ago, back when plagues actually killed people, sure. Now? Forget it. We're doing marvelously well as a species. I'm sure you've noticed. If not, you will, if you dare to drive in California on the Sunday after Thanksgiving.

But the point is, at this time, here in the 21st century, the only people who should be breeding are people who really, really, really want to make a baby. If you're not just absolutely yearning to have your own infant, do us all a favor. Don't. Every childless couple I know has one thing in common—a deep, constant happiness. For some reason, you don't see that particular reality displayed much on the Idiot Box that used to be an actual box but now hangs on the wall.

Folks, let's say howdy to the newest member of the AOTM* Club, Mr. Bill Cosby. A grateful Adrian Peterson says, “Thanks, Cos!” (*Asshole of the Month).

Here's my original Interstellar cheap shot: “When I left the theater after seeing 2001: A Space Odyssey, I said ‘Wow!' When I left the theater after seeing Interstellar, I said ‘WTF?' ”

It's a solid enough diss, but now, my heart isn't in it. I've done some thinking about the flick, and I've concluded it's a lot like listening to a difficult record album. The first time through, you say “Meh,” or something equally dismissive. But the fourth time you listen, you get it. You start to “hear” it. And you start to like it. In the same way, I'm thinking I should reserve judgment until i see this brain-stretcher a second time. At home. With subtitles. All this modern mumbling, ya know? I want to be fair, especially to a movie that dares to grapple with the confounding realities of a quantum universe in 4-D space time. Or is that 5-D? Probably wouldn't hurt to check a few of these “Interstellar Explained” web sites, either.