Comic relief
For some relief in this election year, check out, and These are not your father’s campaign Web sites.

Football Fans for Truth’s site lists all the mistakes John Kerry has made in his discussions of sports during the campaign, accompanied by some hilarious photos of the candidate at play.

When Kerry said his beloved Red Sox had “moved to within 2.5 games” of the Yankees, FFFT pointed out it was 3.5 games and added in italics, “And John Kerry accuses Bush of misleading the American people?

On the other sites, readers can check out Bush’s speech accepting the Republican nomination, in which he announces “detailed plans for tons more good and way less evil.” They can analyze his programs, including No Impotent Creationist NASCAR Dad Left Behind. They can watch the campaign commercials put together by his “independent” (wink, wink) supporters in Pleasure Boat Captains for Truth.

They can also learn his slogans ("Paranoia is patriotic," "When you worry about crooked ex-CEOs, the terrorists win!"). And they can order T-shirts, posters ("Ashcroft Nation") and other products.