Rated 3.0 You just gotta like a movie that starts with Colin Farrell brandishing a shovel while stomping on somebody’s car hood as U2’s “Out of Control” blares on the soundtrack. Farrell gets to have some bad-boy fun, as does Cillian Murphy (28 Days Later), in this relationship movie with a little heist thrown in for good measure. Farrell plays a Dubliner who can’t seem to stay out of trouble, and has a tendency to punch the opposite sex in the face. Murphy plays a nice enough looking fellow on the outside with a real mean streak on the inside as he overreacts to his ex-girlfriend’s (Kelly Macdonald) getting back in the saddle with a new beau. It all leads up to a poorly planned robbery and everybody falling back or into love. This movie could’ve used some character trimming (there’s a little too much to follow), but it has some moments of true hilarity and honest emotions. The movie’s weakest subplot involves Colm Meaney as an ill-tempered detective eager to get his own reality cop show. His goofy material feels like it should be in another film. (CR)