Institute denies claim

Hindu activist Rajan Zed last week finally had a piece of good news to report in his drive to stop the comic movie The Love Guru, which Zed has never seen.

Zed announced that the British Film Institute had agreed not to screen the film. Soon the internet was full of hits reporting this victory.

However, the Institute told the News & Review that the decision not to screen the movie has nothing to do with its allegedly objectionable content—it never screens current films. And it specifically declined to criticize the film’s content.

“The BFI screens mostly archival films and is the distributor of classic titles and documentaries,” according to Institute spokesperson Ilona Cheshire. “We do not screen mainstream films or trailers [previews] for contemporary films from other distributors in our venue. Neither myself or the BFI is taking a political stance on this film.”

Meanwhile, plans to show the film in Reno appear to be on track. Standing displays for The Love Guru have begun appearing in local theatres