Instant revenge for snub

Republican National Convention officials suddenly changed the convention rules at the expense of presidential candidate Ron Paul, prompting Nevada Paulists to vote for him in violation of their pledge to support Mitt Romney on the first ballot.

The Nevada delegates planned to vote for Romney—winner of the Nevada caucuses—on the first ballot until the rules change.

The Paulists had worked to get five states to sign a petition that would have allowed Paul to be given nominating and seconding speeches from the podium. In the end, they got the support of six states, whereupon the rules were changed to require eight. At that point the Nevadans decided to vote for Paul as a protest.

It was not the first time the Nevada Paulists were victimized by such tactics. In 2008 they won control of the Nevada Republican Convention and were about to elect national convention delegates when party officials shut down the convention, later electing delegates in a party committee.