Inside Man

Rated 2.0

Believe me when I say I always root for director Spike Lee no matter how bad his movies can get (Girl 6, She Hate Me). This bank-heist thriller starring Clive Owen as a robber with cloudy intentions is a near miss, but a miss all the same. Denzel Washington plays a scrappy Manhattan detective who believes the folks robbing a bank are up to something besides monetary gain, and he just might be right. By the time the film is over, all the intentions have been revealed, and it’s a bunch of malarkey. Jodie Foster stars as a character I really can’t explain (that’s because Spike and friends don’t explain her, either) and Christopher Plummer is on hand as a bank owner with a big secret in a safety deposit box. The film has a nice style, and the performances are strong (especially Washington and Owen). In the end, the plot is too ridiculous to accept.