Rated 2.0

OK, Brendan Fraser … enough already! Get back into a decent drama or comedy, and give it a rest with the family action fare. This time out, Fraser plays a dude who can make stuff in books come to life when he reads them because he’s a so-called Silvertongue. The movie boasts a decent cast (Helen Mirren, Paul Bettany, Jim Broadbent) but has a serious lack of focus. Apart from an interesting smoky-looking monster thing during the finale, the action is uninteresting. Andy Serkis is a gigantic bore as the film’s villain, and it doesn’t help that his goals and objective aren’t made terribly clear. Sad seeing the likes of Mirren and Bettany slum in crap like this. I expect it from Fraser. The man can be quite effective, but he has a power for choosing lousy action flicks. This is one of them, and it’s time for his career to take a different course.