Rated 2.0

Did Truman Capote actually do it with Perry Smith, the murderous subject of his non-fiction novel In Cold Blood? Nobody knows for sure, but director Douglas McGrath shows the two making out. This is the second time this story has been told in about a year, and it definitely has more sex in it. As for compelling drama, well, there’s not so much. Toby Jones plays Capote, and he could be the guy’s twin, but there’s something about his performance that rings more of impersonation than of capturing the spirit of the guy. Daniel Craig (soon to be Bond) fumbles the role of Smith, playing him as a badass caricature. Philip Seymour Hoffman was a better Capote, and Clifton Collins, Jr. was a much more interesting Smith in Capote. Even if this one had come out first, it still would’ve been a disappointment. As storytelling goes, the tone is all wrong. It just doesn’t work.