Indoor/Outdoor Fall Guide

It’s been said there are only two seasons in Northern Nevada: winter and road construction. Well, one of the great things about this area is that, despite the local wisdom, there are four seasons, and they all have their own character. In the winter, there are skiing, snowboarding and all kinds of snow fun; in the spring, there are gardening and home improvement; in the summer, there are summer sports and water; in the fall—oh, yes, the fall—there are pursuits of the mind, like books, movies, fashion and preparing the garden for a beautiful, white blanket.

In this, our first fall guide, we take a look at some of our favorite pursuits for when the geese head south and Jack Frost pulls out his vicious nose nippers.

Fall off the shelves

Fall into funky fashion

Fall film frenzy

Fall is for harvest

Fall guide calendar