Writers’ choices

Illustration By Shawn Turner

Best new ‘do

Reno City Councilman David Aiazzi
Admit it. You’d turn on SNCAT, go to a downtown event or catch a Reno City Council meeting, and you’d do the Rorschach ink blot test while staring at his forelock. Did that patch represent Key West, a clutch of cell-phone towers, or perhaps a new special-assessment district? Now, with real progress being made downtown and the train trench slated for completion in a matter of weeks, the follicly enabled public servant is looking almost … what … statesmanly? … mayoral? With a bit of beard sculpting and some sun on that eggshell pate, Aiazzi could cut quite a figure at the next consolidated Reno, Sparks and Washoe County meeting—or on the cover of GQ.

Best street to permanently close

Virginia Street between Second and Fourth
Come on, you brilliant minds down at Reno City Hall! Why don’t you admit it? It no longer makes sense to have Virginia Street open among the downtown casinos. You close the damned thing almost every weekend anyway. Turn Center Street and Sierra Street into two-way traffic, cut out most of the concrete where Virginia Street is now (obviously, leave some lanes for emergency traffic and show ‘n’ shines), put in some gardens and a nice, big fountain between Harrah’s Plaza and Fitzgeralds, and call it the Virginia Street Plaza. You’re welcome.

Best place to buy fishnet stockings

Sears 5405 Meadowood Mall Circle, 829-6228
Lingerie stores are plentiful and adequate in Reno, but the Sears at Meadowood Mall is where to go for the secret mother lode of affordable hosiery, from basic opaque maroon tights to silky black polka-dot sheers to lime-green fishnets. The selection is hip, the prices are good, and the sale prices are downright life-affirming. An attentive browser could even score something like a pair of silver-thread-accented black ‘nets for a dollar on clearance. Plus, you can pick up a hammer or a barbecue in the same stop. Good fashion + surprising markdowns + proximity to hardware = happiness.